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thermal power

A thermal power plant is a large industrial plant that generates electricity by burning fuel. These plants are typically located near sources of fuel, such as coal, natural gas, or oil, and they use a variety of technologies to convert the heat from burning fuel into electricity.

Thermal power plants are the most common type of power plant in the world, and they generate about 60% of the world’s electricity. However, they are also a major source of greenhouse gas emissions, and they contribute to climate change.

Here are some of the most common types of thermal power plants:

Coal-fired power plants: These plants burn coal to generate electricity. Coal is a fossil fuel that is abundant and relatively inexpensive, but it also produces a lot of greenhouse gas emissions.

Natural gas-fired power plants: These plants burn natural gas to generate electricity. Natural gas is a cleaner-burning fuel than coal, but it is also more expensive.

Oil-fired power plants: These plants burn oil to generate electricity. Oil is a more expensive fuel than coal or natural gas, but it is also a cleaner-burning fuel.

Thermal power plants must be carefully designed and operated to minimize the risks to human health and the environment. However, even with the best safety measures in place, there is always the potential for accidents to occur.

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