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HS OIL AND ENERGY is ready to serve you through our entire Global distribution network. With our own manufacturing in Europe and Asia, global distribution hubs, R&D and customer service teams, HS oil and energy provides continuity, reliability and integrated solutions for various industries and sectors.

We have a wide production range supported by our own development, technology and quality service which represents a excellent basis for our long-term goals. Through our business strategy we strive to be dominant within a successful group of drive technology manufactures in the world market. Seeking constant growth of our production by fulfilling the desires of our customers and meeting market demands.

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Experience Work With Global Industries

HS Oil and Energy provides exceptional solutions for global industries, offering a wealth of experience in designing and manufacturing top-quality pumping machines and other machinery specifically tailored for the oil and energy sector.

Our Mission

Maximizing resources, logistics and energy efficiency to optimize and propel the gains of our customers and achieving a fundament for the wealth of future generations in a responsible manner

Our Vision

Providing maximum efficiency and continuity for industrial enterprises and distribution partners

Our Values

HS OIL AND ENERGY wants to be acknowledged and envisioned by her community and stakeholders for dedication, innovation and reliability

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Our Services

We Provide Best Services

HS Oil and Energy takes pride in delivering unparalleled services, ensuring that our customers receive the best solutions for their needs in the oil and energy sector.

Chemical Factory

HS Oil and Energy extends its expertise to the chemical industry, offering specialized services and solutions tailored to the unique requirements of chemical factories.

Thermal Power

HS Oil and Energy caters to the thermal power sector, providing comprehensive services and advanced solutions to support efficient and reliable operations in thermal power plants.

Gas Flaring

HS Oil and Energy is committed to addressing the environmental impact of gas flaring. We offer innovative solutions and technologies that help minimize or eliminate gas flaring in oil and gas operations, promoting sustainable practices and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Oil Pump

HS Oil and Energy specializes in manufacturing and supplying high-quality oil pumps. Our reliable and efficient oil pumps are designed to meet the demanding requirements of the industry, ensuring smooth and continuous oil extraction and transportation processes.

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At HS Oil and Energy, we prioritize the security of your experience. Our dedicated team has implemented robust measures to ensure that your interactions with our company and our products are secure, providing you with peace of mind throughout your engagement with us.

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At HS Oil and Energy, our commitment to customer satisfaction drives us to be always ready and available to serve you. 


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