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The oil and gas industry is a dangerous one, with many potential hazards for workers. Safety tools are essential for preventing accidents and injuries, and they play a vital role in keeping workers safe.

  • Hard hats: Hard hats are worn to protect the head from impact and falling objects. They must be ANSI-approved and fit snugly.
  • Safety glasses: Safety glasses are worn to protect the eyes from dust, debris, and chemicals. They must be ANSI-approved and have side shields.
  • Hearing protection: Hearing protection is worn to protect the hearing from loud noises. It can be earplugs or earmuffs.
  • Fall protection: Fall protection equipment, such as harnesses and lifelines, prevents workers from falling from heights. It must be inspected regularly and worn correctly.
  • Respiratory protection: Respiratory protection, such as respirators, protects workers from breathing in harmful fumes and gases. It must be fit-tested and worn correctly.
  • Personal protective equipment (PPE): PPE is any clothing or equipment that is worn to protect workers from hazards. This can include flame-resistant clothing, steel-toed boots, and gloves.
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