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safety equipments

supply you with the most common types of saftey equipments used in the oil and gas field


personal protective

Hard hats protect the head from impact and falling objects.

safety glasses protect the eyes from flying objects, dust, and chemicals.

Hearing protection protects the ears from noise-induced hearing loss

Respirators protect the lungs from harmful dusts, gases, and vapors


emergency response

Evacuation: If possible, people should be evacuated from the area of the emergency. This may involve moving people to a safe location or sheltering in place.

Assessment: Once the emergency has occurred, it is important to assess the situation and determine the extent of the damage. This will help to determine the appropriate response.

Triage: If there are injuries, triage is used to determine the priority of treatment. This will help to ensure that the most critical patients are treated first.


Electrical safety

Non-contact voltage tester: This tool is used to detect the presence of voltage without having to touch the electrical conductor.

Insulated gloves: These gloves protect the hands from electrical shock.

Insulated footwear: These shoes protect the feet from electrical shock.

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